Table 4

Logistic regression analysis predicting action of organ donation with the proposed factors

Univariable analysisMultivariable analysis†
OR, 95% CIOR, 95% CI
(1) BeliefI think the preservation of an intact body after death is important.0.683 (0.372 to 1.253)
I think the body will be disfigured when the organs are removed.1.01 (0.589 to 1.724)
I think donating one’s organs adds meaning to one’s life.1.70 (0.623 to 4.623)
I think live organ donation is better than cadaveric organ donation in solving the problem of organ shortage.0.875 (0.547 to 1.398)
I think donating organs is an action to save lives.834 673.15 (0.00 to inf)
My family would object if I were to donate my organs.0.520 (0.286 to 0.946)*0.770 (0.353 to 1.680)
I think there will be premature termination of medical treatment for registered organ donors.1.159 (0.561 to 2.371)
I think it is convenient to register as an organ donor in Hong Kong.6.612 (3.084 to 14.176)***3.751 (1.616 to 8.710)**
I think the promotion and information of organ donation in Hong Kong is sufficient.0.861 (0.517 to 1.435)
(2) CommitmentI will agree to the donation of my family members’ organs.3.048 (1.398 to 6.649)**2.234 (0.881 to 5.560)
I have discussed the organ donation with my family.4.797 (2.960 to 7.773)***3.083 (1.748 to 5.440)***
I have received training in how to request organ donation in potential donors or their family members.2.089 (0.977 to 4.467)
I am a regular blood donor.4.574 (2.693 to 7.770)***3.810 (2.012 to 7.210)***
I volunteer regularly.1.398 (0.884 to 2.209)
(3) Perceived confidence and competenceI feel uncomfortable to think or talk about organ donation.0.639 (0.269 to 1.515)
I am confident in counselling patients regarding the issues of organ donation.1.131 (0.715 to 1.790)
I am confident in approaching family members of potential donors diagnosed brain death and discussing issued related to organ donation.1.028 (0.645 to 1.638)
(4) ExposureI know family members or close friends who have registered as an organ donor.6.626 (3.960 to 11.090)***4.283 (2.370 to 7.740)***
I know people who have benefited or are in need of an organ transplant.1.369 (0.801 to 2.339)
(5) Death competenceSelf-Competence in Death Work Scale1.556 (1.060 to 2.283)*1.166 (0.715 to 1.900)
(6) KnowledgeOverall Knowledge of organ donation20.1 (2.950 to 138)**1.031 (1.006 to 1.060)*
Medical knowledge of organ transplantation*7.234 (2.050 to 25.468)**
Brain death2.504 (0.891 to 7.036)
Supply and demand of cadaveric organ0.712 (0.262 to 1.930)
Donor registration1.399 (0.848 to 2.307)
Medicolegal issues1.152 (0.699 to 1.898)
  • *P<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • †Medical knowledge of organ transplantation was not included in the multivariable model because of significant collinearity with overall knowledge of organ donation.