Table 1

10-item HBPM knowledge checklist

1.What should be avoided before taking measurements at least 30 min before measurement?
Answer: Do not exercise, smoke or consume foods or drinks containing caffeine (such as tea or coffee)
2.How long should you rest and relax without any distractions
Answer: at least 5 min (time between 5 min and 30 min is acceptable)
3.What is the dressing requirement during measurement?
Answer: Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes, Roll up the sleeve to expose your upper arm and wrap the cuff around it.
4.What are the appropriate characteristics of table and chair used for HBPM?
Answer: Choose a stable table and chair of appropriate height (at heart level) with armrest.
How should your back and feet be placed?
Answer: Sit comfortably and relaxed with your back supported, keep your feet on the floor and do not cross the legs
5.Show me your HBPM cuff
(Check if the cuff size is appropriate)
6.Could you show me how you put on your cuff?
(Observe: Place cuff in an appropriate position: The lower border of the cuff should be 2 cm above the pit of elbow, which is approximately two finger-breadths. Make sure the tubing is placed at the centre of your arm facing the front and that the sensor is correctly placed.)
7.Check cuff with appropriate tightness: Pull the end of the cuff so that it is wrapped evenly and firmly around your arm. Check that the tightness of the cuff is proper: you should be able to just slip two fingertips beneath the cuff, near its edge at the top end
8.Please start to measure now
(Observe: Press start button, relax during measurement (no talking/movement)
9.How many times do you measure? When?
Answer: Repeat measurement at least 1 min after complete release of the cuff
10Can you write down the readings on this booklet?
Record all readings appropriately
Total score (full mark 10)
  • AHS, American Heart Association20; BHS, British Hypertension Society21; BP, blood pressure; HBPM, home blood pressure monitoring; RACGP, Royal Australian College of General Practitioner22.