Table 2

Baseline haemodynamic and body water parameters

Cardiorenal syndromeP value
Yes (n=18)No (n=33)
LVEF, %33.3±9.934.1±10.732.9±9.50.679
Heart rate, beats/min83±2181±1784±240.824
Stroke volume, mL47±2343±1250±270.992
Cardiac output, L/min3.7±1.63.4±1.03.9±1.90.329
SBP, mm Hg130±20134±18128±210.385
DBP, mm Hg80±1481±1479±130.594
MAP, mm Hg94±1692±1494±180.731
TPR, wood units30.2±15.130.1±13.530.2±16.10.996
E, m/s1.07±0.360.94±0.271.14±0.390.063
RVSP, mm Hg52.7±19.545.7±25.256.4±14.90.085
Total body water, L33.60±7.7531.12±5.9935.00±8.350.089
Limbs, L14.94±4.7413.50±3.6815.75±5.120.108
Trunk, L14.56±3.2514.29±2.2514.71±3.720.667
  • *p<0.05.

  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; E, early transmitral inflow velocity; E’, early diastolic mitral annular velocity; ECW:TBW, ratio of extracellular water to total body water; IVCCI, inferior vena cava collapsibility index; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; MAP, mean arterial pressure; RVSP, right ventricular systolic pressure; SBP, systolic blood pressure; TPR, total peripheral resistance.