Table 2

Summary of characteristics of patients with SAT following COVID-19

Mean age in years44.09 (16.07)
GenderM: 4, F: 7
Clinical features at the time of presentation with SATNeck pain (n=6, 54.5%)
Palpitation (n=6, 54.5%), Tremor (n=5, 45.4%), fever (n=5, 45.5%), diarrhoea (n=2, 18.1%)
Mean times since recovery from COVID-1923.8 days (range: 6–48 days)
Severity of COVID-19Severe COVID-19: 5, moderate COVID-19: 5, mild COVID-19: 0, asymptomatic COVID-19: 1
Treatment receivedBeta-blockers=11, NSAIDs=2, glucocorticoids=4
Occurrence following first or second wave of COVID-19 in IndiaFollowing first wave: 5
Following second wave: 6
Outcome at 6 monthsEuthyroidism=9
Subclinical hypothyroidism=1
Overt hypothyroidism=1
  • F, female; M, male; NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; SAT, subacute thyroiditis.