Table 1

Representative poems from internal medicine residents describing wellness*

Quote 1Quote 2
Control the bile.
Lead to a save,
Have everyone wave.
Resident 411, PGY2, Program 4
Stretched to my limit
Just wanting to do my best
Everyone agrees.
Resident 412, PGY2, Program 4
ThrivingIntern year is fun
So many awesome new friends
But I am so dumb.
Resident 406, PGY1, Program 4
Grey is the day now
A million suns are within
Ours is now to shine.
Resident 116, PGY2, Program 1
WellnessOutside hospitalLeaving from my work
Going for a run, breathe free
Leaving stress behind.
Resident 408, PGY1, Program 4
Sleep, run, read, wine, eat
Keep me wholesome day by day
And then we repeat.
Resident 302, PGY1, Program 3
Within hospitalBreakfast with my team
The best way to end night float
It’s the little things.
Resident 108, PGY1, Program 1
“I'll be here all night”
“So will I”, the patient laughs
Both thinking of home.
Resident 105, PGY1, Program 1
BarriersIn our hospital,
We admit, discharge, admit;
Learning by volume.
Resident 222, PGY3, Program2
Wellness time gets filled
With what it is hard to say
Then it’s back to work.
Resident 114, PGY2, Program1
EnvironmentBright and shiny day
No ICU noise to hear
Just chirping of birds.
Resident 303, PGY1, Program 3
Watching patients in the ICU suffer,
I find myself needing a buffer.
Some sun and fresh air are my preferred self-care, but as the days grow shorter, it gets tougher.
Resident 306, PGY1, Program 3
Repetition/scheduleRepetitionWake, Sign in, Pre-round
Round, Round, Order, Write, Sign out
Nothing matters here.
Resident 401, PGY1, Program 4
I am very tired
Tomorrow will be better
Each day is the same.
Resident 305, PGY1, Program 3
Schedule80 hours per week,
With little time for sleep.
And they wonder about,
“What’s this burnout?”
80 hours per week.
Resident 223, PGY3, Program 2
Another twenty- eight hour call. Keeping patients safe, but not myself.
Resident 204, PGY1, Program 2
ExhaustionLong call with no sleep
Pushing limits of my brain
Now sole task of rest.
Resident 216, PGY2, Program 2
My body is tired
But my mind is wired
The clock strikes five
I'm alive
But my body is tired.
Resident 109, PGY2, Program 1
  • *Each poem’s tone is signified by the shading of its cell—where negative tone is grey, positive tone is white and the neutral/contradictory statements are in italics.