Table 1

Characteristic items of clinical baseline data

Clinical features itemsTypeUnitMean±SD
SexFloatZero, one
Smoking historyFloatZero, one
Drinking historyFloatZero, one
History of coronary heart diseaseFloatZero, one
History of diabetesFloatZero, one
History of hypertensionFloatZero, one
History of dyslipidaemiaFloatZero, one
History of strokeFloatZero, one
History of coronary artery bypass graftFloatZero, one
Family history of coronary heart diseaseFloatZero, one
Family history of diabetes mellitusFloatZero, one
Family history of hypertensionFloatZero, one
Family history of dyslipidaemiaFloatZero, one
Family history of strokeFloatZero, one
Family history of tumourFloatZero, one
Number of angina pectoris before visitFloatTimes1.81±0.35
Heart rateFloatbpm78.45±1.02
Systolic blood pressureFloatmm Hg133.55±4.69
Diastolic blood pressureFloatmm Hg79.18±3.84
Pathological Q waveFloatZero, one
QRS durationFloatms90.76±6.49
Classification of LBBBFloatZero, one, two
Types of LBBBFloatZero, one, two
Classification of RBBBFloatZero, one, two
Types of ST-segment changes in AVR leadFloatZero, one, two
ST-segment elevation in AVR leadFloatmv0.13±0.04
  • LBBB, left bundle branch block; RBBB, right bundle branch block; S2FMC, symptom to first medical contact.