Table 1

Themes and supporting data

ThemeIllustrative supporting quote(s)
Organisation of health and social careIt’s always, tell me your medical history or what conditions do you have at the start of an appointment. When you have to tell them about all 6, there is no time to speak to them about what you came in for, as you’ve only got 10 min!
Older person living with MLTC, Workshop
Need joined-up health and social care as they are so linked. In my stepmother’s case, she needs one person to take responsibility for her care and coordinate with the rest of the system and community. Friend/family member of older person living with MLTC, ID 105
Challenges of primary careI feel that there is nobody who sees them as a whole person, rather than someone with a single condition. Their care is all about their individual ailments, not their overall health … several health appointments in a single week to get warfarin level checked, blood pressure checked, arthritis clinic, hearing clinic, rheumatology clinic, influenza jab. Each individual health professional is good, but they don’t provide holistic care. How can I help my parents to manage this better?
Friend/family member of older person living with MLTC, ID 28
Managing conditions, pain and medicationI would like to know a bit more about how things go together or if they don’t. I mean when I had my heart attack, I must have been likely to have problems long term and because I smoked and that. I think it would be helpful for people like me to know … but I get its difficult and everyone is doing the best they can.
Older person living with MLTC, Workshop
The medication I am given is ok, but it is impossible for me to understand or pronounce the even common tablets. … I would like an easier way to refer to these items?
Older person and carer, ID 157
Carers’ needsI think it is very easy to forget about the effect that looking after an older person with health problems can have on carers. This in return can eventually impact on the effectiveness of the care being given.
Former carer of older person living with MLTC, ID 76
My mam is the most complex and difficult person, she has delirium, and it got to the stage where she was calling me through the night. She wouldn’t let them (respite care) in. Multiple strokes, blindness and deafness, it was intense. I’ve lost everything. I feel invisible. I’ve done nothing but care.
Carer of older person living with MLTC, Workshop
Social isolation and mental healthThe year before the decline she was bowling 5 days a week and going out with friends twice a week. The lack of physical activity and social interaction has had a noticeable impact on her physical and mental health.
Friend/family member of older person living with MLTC, ID 77
Financial impact and funding for careYes, the financial costs of care is a constant worry.
Older person 80+ living with MLTC, ID 161
I think it’s a problem that things like your teeth, feet, hearing and eyes and that have all gone private and none us can afford it so we don’t go.
Older person living with MLTC, Workshop
Exercise and physical activityIt is fashionable to tell everyone to exercise—to walk and cycle but what about disabled people who are disadvantaged and need to be considered?
Older person 80+ living with MLTC, ID 165
I find it frustrating that health professionals seem to completely ignore this, the benefits of good diet, exercise and other therapies just because they are dealing with an elderly person whose motivation to change is poor. Why is there not more emphasis put on the whole picture, encouraging elderly people to eat well, socialise etc.
Friend/family member of older person living with MLTC, ID 99
Support for independent livingI want to be independent. Will do my best to be so. I try to live my own life in spite of my problems people who really need care ask for the least.
Older person living with MLTC, ID 163
Preventing multimorbidityIn some ways, we need to concentrate on the future. So if we concentrate on preventing multiple conditions that may help services for future generations.
Older person living with MLTC, Workshop
  • MLTC, multiple long-term condition.