Table 3

Predictors for unfavourable outcome after 3 months of onset in patients with minor stroke and TIA

VariableUnivariate logistic regressionMultivariate logistic regression
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Gender (female)1.8871.300 to 2.740<0.0011.5861.037 to 2.4260.033
Age (years)1.0221.008 to 1.036<0.0011.0181.002 to 1.0350.026
Pre-mRS=12.1421.268 to 3.6200.004
Intravenous thrombolysis
1.5780.942 to 2.6430.083
Baseline NIHSS1.5901.411 to 1.791<0.0011.5631.377 to 1.775<0.001
Diabetes mellitus2.6311.798 to 3.850<0.0012.3971.575 to 3.646<0.001
Hypertension1.6361.118 to 2.3940.0111.6571.092 to 2.5150.018
Index events (TIA)0.2190.067 to 0.7120.012
Baseline SBP
1.0070.999 to 1.0140.074
FBG (mmol/L)1.0771.030 to 1.1270.001
hs-CRP (mg/dL)1.0030.992 to 1.0150.576
WBC (×109/L)1.1391.056 to 1.2290.0011.1311.035 to 1.2350.006
Hcy (μmol/L)0.9920.972 to 1.0120.412
SUA (μmol/L)0.9960.994 to 0.998<0.0010.9970.995 to 0.9990.003
  • Baseline NIHSS, NIHSS at admission; FBG, fasting blood glucose; HBA1c, haemoglobin A1c; Hcy, homocysteine; hs-CRP, high-sensitivity C reactive protein; mRS, modified Rankin scale; pNIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale; pre-mRS, premorbid mRS; SUA, serum uric acid; TIA, transient ischaemic attack; WBC, white blood cell.