Table 1

Practices we anticipate keeping post-COVID-19 and a blueprint for how our system would adapt to further pandemics

Anticipated practice post-COVID-19Blueprint for further pandemics
Consultant/fellow front of house for all acute referralsSwitch back to team-based rota with resilience for absences
One-stop-shop model of carePrioritise only urgent and time critical elective work
Procedure room for minor cases under WALANTComplete segregation of elective and trauma services
Seven day serviceRemote access trauma meetings
Consultant-led ward round and efficient patient dischargeRemote appointments where possible
Video/telephone consultations alternating with face to faceUse procedure room where possible
Senior clinician-led service planningDaily strategy meetings and appraisal of resources
Absorbable skin sutures, more pt involvement in postop careMore senior nurse input as junior doctors redeployed
Senior trauma nurse training to assist in minor casesMinimal use of general anaesthetic
Early diagnosis pathways—for example, MRI for suspected scaphoidSee patients directly after triage to offload emergency department
Permanent utilisation of face masks particularly in vulnerable patients
Offload emergency department where possible—especially in winter
  • WALANT, wide awake local anaesthesia no tourniquet .