Table 1

Pre and post-apprenticeship questionnaire: “On a scale of 1 (not at all confident) to 5 (extremely confident) how confident are you in…”

DomainPre-course mean scorePost-course mean scoreP value
Taking a history from and examining a patient by yourself3.533.531
Identifying a patient with signs and symptoms of COVID-193.134.40<0.01
Investigating a patient who potentially has COVID-192.673.87<0.01
Performing venepuncture3.133.80.04
Performing cannulation2.63.070.01
Writing patient discharge summaries1.672.8<0.01
Managing patients with complex medical needs as well as SARS-CoV-21.672.8<0.01
Identifying a clinically deteriorating patient2.933.73<0.01
Asking for help or advice from senior colleagues3.734.270.1
Communicating with members of the multidisciplinary team2.63.40.03
Describing methods of infection control for communicable diseases3.04.27<0.01
Describing the outbreak investigation process1.933.53<0.01
Describing symptoms that are commonly seen in the last stages of life3.074.27<0.01
Discussing the challenges of vaccine design2.073.4<0.01
Describing the difference between research, audit and quality improvement2.733.67<0.01
Describing how global politics can impact disease management2.63.87<0.01
Voicing your opinion in front of your peers in a small-group teaching setting3.63.870.26