Table 4

Association between chi-squared value and perceptions of COVID-19

Question% Correct answer by male% Correct answer by femaleχ2P value
WHO on February 11, 2020 announced an official name for the disease that is causing the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak? What is the new name of the disease?99.1990.430.51
The first case of novel coronavirus was identified in95.494.92.4850.11
Coronavirus belongs to the Nidovirus’s50.452.910.930.00094
COVID-19 is the same virus as SARS?59.556.912.2070.00047
From where coronavirus got its name?57.958.91.810.178
How to prevent the spread of coronavirus91.190.70.880.346
How is the coronavirus can be transmitted?92.990.243.820
Who is at risk for contracting coronavirus?78.378.60.240.62
In which age group the COVID-19 spreads?71.372.32.160.14
How long is average the incubation period for coronavirus?69.968.72.940.086
Can a influenza vaccine prevent coronavirus?83.382.80.7560.38
Can antibiotics medicine treat coronavirus?76.975.92.410.12
What do doctors suggest as a cure for coronavirus?66.465.61.260.26
Name a clinical trial in which blood is transfused from recovered COVID-19 patients to a coronavirus patient who is in critical condition?80.9810.3290.855
Is it safe to receive package from China41.242.84.550.032