Table 1

Summary of major differences: COVID-19 versus 1918 influenza

COVID-191918 influenza
Viral aetiologySARS-CoV-2H1N1 influenza A virus
Mortality rate2.40%2.50%
Number of deaths2.2 million50 million
Highest risk population65+ with comorbidities25–40 year olds
Cause of deathOveractive immune system leading to end organ failureSecondary bacterial infection
Place of originWuhan (either in a wet market or Wuhan Institute of Virology)Haskell County, Kansas
Virus typeCoronavirusOrthomyxoviridae
Economic impact$5.76 trillion–$6.17 trillion decrease in Gross Domestic Product (GDP)Minimal economic data, Mexico suffered a $9 billion loss