Table 2

Legal status of cannabis and vaping in the world

CountryLegal status of cannabisLegal status of vaping
AustraliaMedical cannabis is legalVaping is unrestricted
Arab language countriesIllegalIllegal
BrazilMedical cannabis is permittedVaping is illegal but medicinal use is accepted (smoking cessation)
ChinaIllegalGovernmental ban on sales/marketing of certain vapes and restricted use in public
Europe (country-specificdata in table 3)CBD with <0.2%–0.3% THC is legal in most countriesVaping is unrestricted
IndiaCannabis is illegalFederal ban on the import, manufacture, sale, advertisement, storage and distribution of e-cigarettes
IsraelCannabis is decriminalisedVaping is unrestricted
JapanCannabis is illegalVaping is illegal but medicinal use is accepted (smoking cessation)
KoreaMedical cannabis is permittedVaping is unrestricted
NigeriaCannabis is illegal
South AfricaCannabis is decriminalisedVaping is unrestricted
  • THC, tetrahydrocannabinol.