Table 4

Suggested COVID-19 course and assessment structure

Course structureCOVID-19 training course for medical students consisting of: didactic lectures (with social distancing) or distance learning, eg, video, podcast and computer activities; case-based group discussion; practical activity, eg, respiratory personal protective equipment fitting; and high-fidelity simulation, eg, CPR for a patient with COVID-19
Medical student populationAll medical students with priority given to medical students in their final year
Duration of intervention1 day
Education settingLecture hall, classroom, indoor simulation (with social distancing or personal protective equipment), distance learning, online web system
Teaching methodsLectures (with social distancing), practical skills, simulation, group discussion, computer activity, video, case study, handouts
AssessmentKnowledge—precourse and postcourse examination of didactic components assessing COVID-19 understanding
Attitude—precourse and postcourse questionnaire on preparedness and willingness to perform duties
Skill—summative assessment of practical activity and simulation
Clinical—follow-up assessment over the following months assessing behavioural change and benefit to patients
  • CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation.