Table 1

Characteristics of the included studies

LiteratureCountryNumber of participantsInterventionsControlDuration of treatment
Adverse reactionsOutcomes
Güçel et al 24 Turkey20 20Body acupunctureSham acupuncture5Not reportedBMI, BW
Hsu et al 25 Taiwan23 22Auricular acupunctureSham auricular acupuncture6One minor inflammation,
eight mild tenderness
Kim et al 26 Korea25 24Auricular acupressureNo treatment2NoneBMI, BW, WHR, body fat mass %
Lien,et al 27 Taiwan48 23Auricular stimulationSham auricular acupuncture8One dizzinessBMI, BW, WC, WHR
Luo28 China20 20EANo treatment3Not reportedBMI, WHR
Zhang et al 29 China15 15EASham EA4One bleedingBMI, WHR, body fat mass %
Zhao et al 30 China35 35EASham EA4No reportedBMI, BW
Yeo et al 31 Korea43 15Auricular acupunctureSham auricular acupuncture8No reportedBMI, BW, WC, body fat mass %
  • BMI, body mass index; BW, body weight; EA, electro-acupuncture; WC, waist circumference ; WHR, waist-to-hip ratio.