Table 1

Common ophthalmological abbreviations, their complete forms and correct interpretation rates in the study population

AbbreviationCorrect termMost common 
wrong interpretation
Correct answers as a per cent
of all answers
OCTOptical coherence tomographyComputerised tomography20.9
VAVisual acuityVentriculo-atrial10.7
HMHand motion2.1
CFCounting fingersCystic fibrosis1.7
VFVisual fieldVentricular fibrillation8.5
AMDAge-related macular degeneration48.5
KPKeratic precipitate1.7
SVPSpontaneous venous pulsation1.7
FBEFundus both eyesFull blood examination3.0
FREFundus right eye2.6
FLEFundus left eyeFrontal lobe epilepsy2.6
ONHDOptic nerve head drusen0
RAPDRelative afferent pupillary defect30.3
PDRProliferative diabetic retinopathy6.8
CMECystoid macular edema0.9
IOLIntra-ocular lens10.3