Table 4

Clinical medical school attended and first choice of long-term career (%): UK medical graduates of 2015, surveyed in 2016

Clinical medical school attendedFirst choice of career (row percentages)
General practiceSurgeryAll others combined
 Oxbridge (N=95)9.522.176.8
 London (N=304)16.822.066.4
 Rest of England (N=606)21.621.569.5
 Scotland (N=121)16.524.066.9
 Wales (N=47)29.823.455.3
 Northern Ireland (N=33)
 Total (N=1206)19.321.768.4
 Oxbridge (N=92)21.712.073.9
 London (N=370) 24.9 19.2 67.8
 Rest of England (N=984) 37.9 10.5 64.9
 Scotland (N=229)28.413.567.7
 Wales (N=107)43.04.768.2
 Northern Ireland (N=52)28.817.361.5
 Total (N=1834)33.312.566.4
 Oxbridge (N=187) 15.5 17.175.4
 London (N=674) 21.2 20.5 67.2
 Rest of England (N=1590) 31.7 14.766.7
 Scotland (N=350)24.317.167.4
 Wales (N=154) 39.0 10.464.3
 Northern Ireland (N=85)27.115.363.5
 Total (N=3040)27.816.267.2
  • Notes: The percentages given are for tied and untied first choices. The table excludes 105 ‘not stated’ responses. Row percentages add to more than 100% because doctors were allowed to specify up to three first choices of equal preference. See online supplementary appendix 2 for breakdown of results for the ‘All others combined’ column. Percentages whose adjusted residuals are greater than ±2.58 are shown in bold.