Table 5

Emerging themes and quoted responses to qualitative component

‘We would be grateful if you could inform us of a career time point when you have felt your resilience level may have been low’
‘Currently. The busiest and most stressful this job has ever been.’
‘Now starting to think it will never get better.’
‘Resilience has never really been a problem for me.’
Clinical‘I have felt quite overwhelmed by the workload.’
‘After one case with a poor outcome which I knew was my fault.’
Transitions‘Start of F1.’
‘Starting out as a registrar, having to take on more responsibility.’
‘On taking up a consultant post. The change in role was bigger than I could have anticipated.’
‘Returning from maternity leave.’
Complaints‘Following a complaint, especially if it is very personal.’
‘When undeserved complaints/legal action.’
Work relationships‘Lack of respect from junior doctors.’
‘In a job with a consultant who bullied me.’
‘Being unfairly undermined by consultant colleagues.’
Support‘Burnout a few years ago, Feel unsupported by management.’
‘The NHS can be very frustrating and sucks the drive, innovation and joy out of young eager consultants.’
Outside influences‘Following a road traffic accident and relationship split.’
‘At a time of illness in a close family member.’