Table 4

Regional performance by combined, all-specialty pass rate quartile distribution (all values are in percentages)

Armed Forces (TSD)55.611.133.3
East Midlands (North and South) (EMD/LEI/N)11.155.633.3
East of England (EAN)22.244.422.2
Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS)33.311.155.6
London (LDN)11.166.722.2
Mersey (MER)077.822.2
North Western (NWN)077.822.2
Northern (NTH)077.822.2
Northern Ireland (NIR)22.244.433.3
Oxford (OXF)
Republic of Ireland (SR)44.444.411.1
Scotland (SCO/EOS/NOS/SES/WOS)11.166.722.2
Severn Institute (SEV)11.155.633.3
South West Peninsula (PEN/SWN)11.188.90
South Yorkshire and South Humberside (SHF)11.177.811.1
Wales (WAL)22.233.344.4
Wessex Institute (WES)11.155.633.3
West Midlands (WMD)11.166.722.2
Yorkshire (YOR)066.733.3
  • Q1,¬†lower quartile; Q3,¬†upper quartile.