Table 2

Regional ranking related to specialty

Armed Forces (TSD)318161711516
East Midlands (North and South) (EMD/LEI/N)519181321121
East of England (EAN)1217114911159
Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS)1934163111610
London (LDN)18133764549
Mersey (MER)1471315818511
North Western (NWN)9626125227
Northern (NTH)161115117771
Northern Ireland (NIR)854141639115
Oxford (OXF)17261211614
Republic of Ireland (SR)71614104913916
Scotland (SCO/EOS/NOS/SES/WOS)131089814632
Severn Institute (SEV)219111013483
South West Peninsula (PEN/SWN)615121271031612
South Yorkshire and South Humberside (SHF)101415410811313
Wales (WAL)4452141212145
Wessex Institute (WES)118711511018
West Midlands (WMD)198135611114
Yorkshire (YOR)15121039111101
  • Regions given same ranking where examination performance was equal.

  • CTS, cardiothoracic surgery; ENT, otolaryngology; GS, general surgery; NS, neurosurgery; OMFS, oral and maxillofacial surgery; PdS, paediatric surgery; PS, plastic surgery; T&O, trauma and orthopaedic surgery; Ur, urology.