Table 3

Coping strategies employed by doctors

Problem-focused strategies
 Active copingTaking action to try and make it better2.080.83
 Instrumental supportGetting help/advice from others1.890.86
 PlanningTrying to come up with a strategy about what to do2.100.91
Emotion-focused strategies
 Emotional supportGetting emotional support1.950.84
 HumourMaking jokes about it2.000.92
 Positive reframingTrying to see it in a different light2.020.81
Dysfunctional strategies
 Behavioural disengagementGiving up trying to deal with it1.260.48
 Substance useUsing alcohol or other drugs to get through it1.260.53
 VentingExpressing negative feelings1.450.70
 Self-distractionDoing something to take mind off it2.250.82
 DenialRefusing to believe it has happened1.100.31
 Self-blameBlaming myself2.150.94
  • Each strategy is scored from 1 to 4. Higher score=more frequent use of strategy.