Table 2

Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) and National Early Warning Score (NEWS) used to identify patients at risk of deterioration

Physiological parameterScore
Modified Early Warning Score
 Respiratory rate≤89–1215–2021–29>29
 Heart rate≤4041–5051–100101–110111–129>129
 Systolic BP (mm Hg)≤7071–8081–100101–199≥200
 Urine output (mL/kg/hour)Nil<0.5
 Level of consciousness (AVPU scale)AVPU
National Early Warning Score
 Respiratory rate≤89–1112–2021–24≥25
 Oxygen saturations (%)≤9192–9394–95≥96
 Supplemental oxygenYesNo
 Systolic BP (mm Hg)≤9091–100101–110111–219≥220
 Heart rate≤4041–5051–9091–110111–130≥131
 Level of consciousness (AVPU scale)AV,P,U
  • AVPU scale: A, alert; V, response to voice only; P, response to pain only; U, unconscious.