Table 3

Centre volume groups and in-hospital mortality

Number of hospitals5-year centre volume: median (Q1–Q3)LOS in days median (Q1–Q3)Unadjusted HR (95% CI), p valueAdjusted HR* (95% CI), p value
Low volume (≤1718 HFH)1321085 (728–1424)4 (3–7)ReferenceReference
Medium volume (1721–3080 HFH)442438 (1988–2759)5 (3–8)0.75 (0.72 to 0.78), p<0.0010.74 (0.71 to 0.77), p<0.001
High volume (≥3090 HFH)225030 (3699–5977)5 (3–8)0.61 (0.58 to 0.64), p<0.0010.58 (0.56 to 0.61), p<0.001
  • Table showing three centre volume groups, based on 5-year centre volume tertiles for the study period (January 2009 to December 2013), number of acute care hospitals in each group, 5-year centre volume median (first and third quartiles: Q1–Q3), length of stay (LOS), unadjusted and adjusted HR for in-hospital mortality in medium and high centre volume groups, compared with in-hospital mortality in the low centre volume group.

  • *Adjusted for age category, gender, race, ethnicity, APR-severity of illness, APR-risk of mortality, admission through emergency department or not and type of primary insurance.

  • APR, all patient refined; HFH, heart failure hospitalisation.