Table 3

Bacteraemia isolates on 470 patients, with 556 associated bacteraemic or fungaemic episodes, receiving or not receiving OPAT

Yes (N=25)No (N=531)p Value*
Escherichia coli, n (%)11 (44.0)192 (36.2)0.426
 ESBL +ve919<0.001†
 ESBL −ve2173
K. pneumonia, n (%)2 (8.0)51 (9.7)0.812
 ESBL +ve0140.388†
 ESBL −ve237
P. aeruginosa, n (%)024 (4.5)0.277
MSSA, n (%)2 (8.0)51 (9.7)0.789
MRSA, n (%)03 (0.6)0.706
Candida species, n (%)1 (4.0)9 (1.7)0.397
Other‡, n (%)9 (36.0)202 (38.0)0.837
  • One patient had a bacteraemic and non-bacteraemic episode, so this was recorded in both groups.

  • *Pearsons χ2 test. Tests each bacteraemic isolate verses all other bacteraemic isolate.

  • †ESBL +ve versus ESBL –ve for each bacteraemic isolate.

  • ‡These include two S. paratyphi, one S. typhi, one P. mirabilis, one E. aerogenes, one Group G streptococcus, one Streptococcus viridans, one Acinetobacter and one Candida haemulonii.

  • ESBL, extended-spectrum β-lactamases; MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; MSSA, methicillin-susceptible S. aureus; OPAT, outpatient parenteral antibiotic treatment.