Table 1

Summary of results

VariableStudent responsesFoundation doctors' responsesp Value
Are you considering a surgical career?Yes14/46 (30%)Yes6/50 (12%)0.005
Maybe12/46 (26%)Maybe6/50 (12%)
No20/46 (44%)No38/50 (76%)
Put off by work life balance?Yes29/46 (63%)Yes25/50 (50%)NS
No17/46 (37%)No25/50 (50%)
Put off by nature of work?Yes14/46 (30%)Yes15/50 (30%)NS
No32/46 (70%)No35/50 (70%)
Put off by ‘boys club’ mentality?Yes10/46 (22%)Yes8/50 (16%)NS
No36/46 (78%)No42/50 (84%)
Put off by fear of job security?Yes2/46 (4%)Yes4/50 (8%)NS
No44/46 (96%)No46/50 (92%)
Put off by perceived sexual discrimination?Yes6/46 (13%)Yes3/50 (6%)NS
No40/46 (87%)No47/50 (94%)