Table 2

Quality indicators for blogs and podcasts with ≥90% consensus among medical education experts within the three domains of credibility, content and design

Quality indicatorDomain/subthemeBlogs (% consensus)Podcasts (% consensus)
Do the authorities (eg, author, editor, publisher) that created the resource list their conflicts of interest?Credibility/bias100100
Is the identity of the resource's author clear?Credibility/transparency9595
Does the resource make a clear distinction between fact and opinion?Credibility/bias9595
Is the information presented in the resource accurate?Content/academic rigour94100
Does the resource employ technologies that are universally available to allow learners with standard equipment and software access?Design/functionality94
Does the resource cite its references?Credibility/use of other resources93
Are the resource's statements consistent with its references?Credibility/use of other resources93
Does the resource clearly differentiate between advertisement and content?Credibility/bias9190
Is the resource transparent about who was involved in its creation?Credibility/transparency9190
Is the content of this educational resource of good quality?Content9190
Is the content of the resource professional?Content/professionalism9190
Is the resource useful and relevant for its intended audience?Content/orientation9190
Is the author well qualified to provide information on the topic?Credibility/transparency91