Table 2

Common alternative metrics of the reach of social media-based scholarship

SourceMetricMetric definition
Google AnalyticsPage viewsNumber of times a webpage was viewed
UsersNumber of times users from different Internet Protocol (IP) addresses viewed a site (previously termed ‘unique visitors’ by Google)
Number of citiesNumber of unique jurisdictions by city (as registered by Google Analytics) who viewed a site
Number of countriesNumber of unique jurisdictions by country (as registered by Google Analytics) who viewed a site
Average time on pageAverage amount of time spent by a viewer on a webpage
BlogNumber of tweets from postNumber of unique 140-character notifications sent directly from the blog post via Twitter to raise awareness of a post
Number of Facebook likesNumber of times viewers ‘liked’ a post via Facebook
Number of Google+ sharesNumber of times viewers shared a post via Google+
Number of site commentsComments made directly on the blog in the comments section
Average word count per blog comment 
Symplur AnalyticsNumber of tweetsNumber of tweets linked to a specific (hashtag) topic
Number of Twitter participantsNumber of unique Twitter participants linked to a specific (hashtag) topic
Twitter impressionsNumber of potential views of tweets linked to a specific (hashtag) topic that appear in users’ Twitter streams, as calculated by number of tweets per user and multiplying it with the number of followers of that user has
YouTube AnalyticsNumber of viewsNumber of views of a video
Average duration of viewingAverage length of time the video was played with each viewing
  • Adapted from Lin and Sherbino.20