Table 2

MR angiography protocol for suspected aortic diseases

Aortic MRA protocol at our institute
Scan rangeChest, abdomen and pelvis
Contrast typeGadobenate dimeglumine (Multihance, Bracco Diagnostic, Princeton, New Jersey, USA)
Contrast dose0.1 mmol/kg (0.2 mL/kg) at 4 cc/s followed by 20 cc saline at 4 cc/s
  1. Axial and coronal ultrafast spin echo (Siemens-HASTE) of chest, abdomen and pelvis

  2. Axial ECG-gated double inversion recovery of chest and abdomen

  3. Single breathhold ECG-gated 3D MRA (sagittal plane) of chest

  4. Single breathhold non-gated 3D MRA (coronal plane) of abdomen and pelvis

  5. Non-gated ultrafast gradient echo post contrast T1 sequence axial and coronal of chest and abdomen/pelvis

  6. Postcontrast double inversion recovery axial (for suspected aortitis)

  • MRA, MR angiography.