Table 1

CT angiography protocol for suspected aortic diseases

Acute aortic CTA protocol at our institute
Scan rangeAbove aortic arch till femoral heads
  1. Non-contrast ungated chest

  2. Gated contrast-enhanced chest

  3. Ungated contrast-enhanced abdomen and pelvis

GatingRetrospective with minimum dose (100% image acquisition during cardiac diastole and 20% during systole)
ContrastIopamidol 370 mg/mL (Bracco Diagnostic, Princeton, New Jersey, USA)
Contrast dose (depends on eGFR)100 cc (eGFR>60)
75 cc (eGFR >30–<60)
Followed by 40 cc saline at 4 cc/s
Injection rate4 cc/s
Slice thickness1.5 mm thickness with 1 mm interslice interval
1 mm thickness with 0.6 mm interslice interval for 3D postprocessing
  • CTA, CT angiography.