Table 2

Studies that have evaluated histological markers that discriminate eosinophilic oesophagitis from GORD

Eosinophilic oesophagitisGORDAdult/childCorrelationReference
Intraepithelial eosinophils*55 (±27.5)6.9 (±9.7)Childrenp<0.000162
MBP†1479 (±1290)59 (±103)Adultp<0.00146
Eotaxin-3†2219 (±1782)479 (±777)Adultp=0.0146
Intraepithelial mast cells*26.3 (±12.7)7.8 (±8.9)Childrenp<0.000162
TGF-β positive cells in LP*126 (61–191)9 (2−24)Childrenp=0.00231
  • The table summarises studies that have assessed potential laboratory markers to discriminate eosinophil oesophagitis from GORD.

  • *Per high powered field

  • †Maximum staining density, cells/mm2 (±SD)

  • ‡Monoclonal antibody uptake grading.

  • **Faint stain in basal layer of epithelium.

  • COX, cyclo-oxygenase; GORD, gastric oesophageal reflex disease; LP, lamina propria; MBP, major basic protein; TGF-β, transforming growth factor β.