Table 4

Effectiveness of isotonic saline and fluid restriction in correcting hyponatraemia in first 72 h

SNa correction after treatmentIsotonic saline (N=26)Fluid restriction (N=10)
Mean±SD change in sNa (mmol/L)7.3±5.02.8±3.2
Percentage of patients
 sNa increase <2 mmol/L7.730.0
 sNa increase 2–3 mmol/L7.750.0
 sNa increase 4–8 mmol/L50.010.0
 sNa increase 9–12 mmol/L19.210.0
 sNa increase >12 mmol/L15.40
  • Over-rapid correction of hyponatraemia (sNa increase of >12 mmol/L/day) was recorded in 3/76 (3.9%) therapeutic episodes. All three patients, two treated with isotonic saline and one with hypertonic saline, had an sNa increase of 13 mmol/L within 24 h without any adverse neurological sequelae.