Table 5

General linear mixed model testing of differences in scoring between assessor categories

p Value
Assessor categories*0.01
MSF 1, 2, 30.43
Junior/senior trainee status0.71
Assessor categories×MSF 1, 2, 30.39
Assessor categories×junior/senior trainees0.39
MSF 1, 2, 3×senior/junior trainee status0.51
Assessor categories×MSF 1, 2, 3×junior/senior trainee status0.55
  • *Assessors were grouped into four categories: senior doctors (consultants and staff grade and associate specialist (SAS) doctors); trainee doctors (all trainees including foundation doctors and specialty registrars); nurses; and senior nurses (senior nurses and advanced nurse practitioners).

  • MSF, multisource feedback.