Table 2

Mean (SD) Likert scores for the 10 key themes

Key attributes (in descending order of importance)Mean (SD)Min–max
1. Communication (n=80)5.77
A. Keeping team informed5.78 (0.50)4–6
B. Keeping the parents and relatives up to date5.76 (0.53)3–6
C. Giving effective handover5.76 (0.56)3–6
2. Team working (n=80)5.64
A. Good working relationship with team5.69 (0.54)4–6
B. Respectful of others’ opinion5.6 (0.61)4–6
C. Being easily approachable5.63 (0.63)4–6
3. Leadership skills (n=79)5.63
A. Leading by example5.66 (0.48)5–6
B. Good and appropriate delegation5.65 (0.48)5–6
C. Calm under stress5.61 (0.56)4–6
4. Patient management (n=79)5.54
A. Knowing patients well5.18 (0.81)2–6
B. Being thorough with patient care5.71 (0.56)3–6
C. Decision-making skills5.75 (0.44)5–6
5. Prioritisation and time management (n=80)5.43
A. Managing priorities appropriately5.61 (0.58)3–6
B. Keeping to time5.11 (0.78)3–6
C. Using time effectively5.56 (0.59)4–6
6. Punctuality (n=79)5.35
A. Arriving on time5.41 (0.76)3–6
B. Starting on time5.32 (0.89)2–6
C. Minimising delays5.33 (0.80)2–6
7. Organisation skills (n=79)5.27
A. Being well prepared in advance5.09 (0.92)2–6
B. Completing tasks in timely manner5.39 (0.72)3–6
C. Working effectively with available resources5.36 (0.74)4–6
8. Teaching (n=76)5.18
A. Willing to teach at all levels5.12 (0.92)3–6
B. Using teaching opportunities5.23 (0.88)3–6
C. Facilitating others to learn5.18 (0.96)3–6
9. Enthusiasm (n=76)5.13
A. Being enthusiastic on ward rounds5.18 (0.78)3–6
B. Encouraging active participation5.24 (0.76)3–6
C. Making things interesting4.99 (0.88)2–6
10. Preparation (n=80)4.91
A. Spending time preparing4.84 (1.06)1–6
B. Checking results of investigations5.35 (0.73)3–6
C. Setting everything in advance4.53 (1.22)1–6
  • n is the number of respondents who answered the question about the attribute.