TableĀ 3

Component loadings for 33 items in a four-component analysis of the 34-item Barriers to Physician Compassion scale in a sample of 372 Filipino physicians

1Feeling burned out0.805
2Having a limited time for consultations0.767
3Having a large case load of patients0.839
10Feeling tired or fatigued0.717
13Having too many patients to see in a limited time0.665
4Multiple interruptions during the consultations (eg, pages, texts)0.606
5Physical environment is not conducive for a consultation (eg, noise)0.613
6Culture of defensive medicine0.647
11Clinical situation is very complex0.581
12Current treatments are not working0.600
14Many distractions during your consultation0.634
15Concern that patients may complain or sue0.5510.522
21Having too many non-clinical duties (eg, administration, teaching)0.519
22Too many people present during your consultations0.535
23Too much paperwork and documentation0.538
7Prior difficult interactions with the patient's family0.629
9Patient is difficult, rude or obnoxious0.810
16Interference from family members0.604
17Patient is not happy with you0.783
18Patient does not follow your recommendations0.706
24Family of the patient is not happy with you0.776
25Patient has irrational beliefs about his/her condition and treatments0.595
19You are tired of practising medicine0.504
20You are not sure if the patient will get better0.620
26Patient is unkempt and malodorous0.598
27Your personal problems0.626
28Feeling impatient0.647
29Current treatments have caused unexpected adverse effects0.607
30Patient comes from a different sociocultural/ ethnic background0.569
31You are rushing to see the next patient0.588
32Patient is difficult to understand0.602
33Patient is in denial regarding their condition0.583
34What you are dealing with is beyond your comfort level0.539
  • Note: Item 8 (sick of hearing the same problem again and again) did not load on any of the four components and was removed from the analysis.