Table 4

Factor labels, items loading >0.40 and variance explained

Factor numberFactor labelItems loading >0.40Variance explained
  • The role of the clinical supervisor

  • The role of the educational supervisor

  • Providing feedback to trainees

  • Raising concerns about a doctor's performance

  • Managing concerns about a doctor's performance

  • Supporting a poorly performing doctor

2Resource management
  • Designing new services

  • Managing resources effectively

  • Making decisions about allocating resources

  • Inputting into a business plan

  • Managing NHS targets

  • Understanding the structure, financing and operation of the NHS

  • Changing the way a service is run

3Clinical interactions
  • Presenting clinical cases to colleagues

  • Communicating results of investigations to colleagues

  • Communicating with colleagues in the wider health community

  • Dealing with administrative tasks, eg, clinical letter writing

  • Leading a post-take ward round

  • Negotiating a complex referral to another specialty

4Teamwork/person management
  • Delegating to team members

  • Leading a team

  • Managing change within a team

  • Managing conflict within a team

5Time management
  • Time management

  • Prioritising clinical and non-clinical work

  • Taking on an appropriate amount of new opportunities as a new consultant

  • Achieving good work/life balance

  • Carrying out an audit

  • Completing an audit cycle leading to a change in practice

  • Supervising audit

7Clinical skills
  • Selecting appropriate investigations

  • Diagnostic skills

  • Interpreting results of investigations

8Communication skills
  • Communicating with patients and relatives

  • Communicating with patients who you find challenging

  • Taking leadership when breaking bad news

9Supporting activities/skills
  • Being involved in research

  • Use of IT for patient care

  • Use of IT for supporting professional activities (SPAs)

  • Lecturing

  • Small group teaching

  • Demonstrating, explaining or teaching in the work setting