TableĀ 1

Studentsā€™ ratings of their concern of their mental state, their need to conceal their mental state and how supported they feel at university

Not at all/never (%)A little (%)Somewhat (%)A lot (%)A great deal/always (%)
How concerned are you about your mental or emotional state? (n=479)91 (19.0)199 (41.5)123 (25.7)50 (10.4)16 (3.3)
Did you ever feel you had to conceal mental or emotional problems while at university? (n=477)151 (31.7)138 (28.9)91 (19.1)60 (12.6)37 (7.8)
While at university how supported do you feel, mentally and/or emotionally? (n=477)89 (18.7)170 (35.6)137 (28.7)69 (14.5)12 (2.5)