Table 1

Sample demographics

NumberPer cent (of 211 responses)
Age group
 Under 35 years157.1
 35–44 years17281.5
 45–54 years199.0
 Not disclosed52.4
 Reported disability10.5
 No reported disability21099.5
Country of medical qualification (205 responses)
 EU non-UK136.3
Place of specialty training
 Northern Deanery18085.3
 Northern Deanery + other deanery3114.7
 White: British12358.3
 White: Irish62.8
 White: other104.7
 Mixed: other10.5
 Asian: Indian4019.0
 Asian: Pakistani20.9
 Asian: Chinese20.9
 Asian: other20.9
 Black: African52.4
 Other ethnic background41.9
 Not disclosed167.6
Completed MD/PhD during specialty training (205 responses)
 Completed MD/PhD6028.4
 Did not complete MD/PhD14568.7
Completed specialty training full-time or part-time
 Full-time + part-time2411.4