Table 5

Un-weighted mean scores for items in table 3 (factors sorted in order of descending mean score)

Factor numberFactor labelNMinimumMaximumMeanSD95% CI
7Clinical skills2112.675.004.530.504.46 to 4.60
8Patient communication skills2051.675.004.200.684.11 to 4.30
3Clinical interactions2112.335.004.090.604.01 to 4.17
6Audit2111.675.004.020.813.90 to 4.13
10Teaching2112.005.003.820.763.71 to 3.92
4Team management2111.005.003.470.763.36 to 3.57
5Time management2111.005.003.320.853.20 to 3.43
9Supporting activities/skills2091. to 3.41
1Supervision2101.005.002.690.882.57 to 2.81
2Resource management2111. to 2.39