Table 1

Common mechanisms linked with predictive and replicated and some non-replicated susceptibility genes for AD pathogenesis

Type of AD/pathogeneticsPredictive genesSusceptibility genes
Replicated genesSome non-replicated genes
EOAD: β-amyloid linked genesAPP, PSEN1, PSEN 2
LOAD: β-amyloid linked genesAPOE, CLU, PICALM, CR1, B1N1, GAB2A2M,IDE, ACE, ubiquilin 1, SORL1
Immune and inflammatory system linked genesCLU, CR1, ABCA 7, CD33, EPHA1IL-1
Cell membrane and synapse linked genesPICALM, B1N1, CD33, CD2AP
Cholesterol and vascular linked genesAPOE, CLU, ABCA 7ACE
  • ABCA 7, ATP-binding cassette transporter; AD, Alzheimer's disease; APOE, apolipoprotein E; APP, amyloid β precursor protein; B1N1, bridging integrator 1; CD2AP, CD2-associated protein; EOAD, early-onset AD; EPHA1, ephrin receptor A1; GAB2, glycine-rich protein-associated binding protein 2; IL-1, interleukin 1; LOAD, late-onset AD; PSEN1, presenilin 1; PSEN2, presenilin 2; SORL1, sortilin-related receptor.