Table 3

Proportion of residents with high burnout scores in each of the domains by selected demographic and work related variables

VariablesTotalEE%p ValueDP%p ValuePA%p Value
 ≤ 30 years14166.748.236.2
 >30 years1478.635.751.0
Marital Status0.170.33
 Ever married3577.140
 Work related variables
Number of calls per week0.05*<0.001*0.39
Adequate supervision available0.210.210.6
Postgraduate year0.410.090.31
Type of hospital0.180.480.663
 Private hospital816344.435.8
 Public hospital747350.039.2
No. of continuous working hours0.01*0.04*0.41
Type of speciality
Hours of work per week0.350.02*0.71
Psychosocial variable
Coping with stress at work0.460.0280.811
Exposure to a major stress during the last 6 months0.01*0.03*0.25
  • DP, depersonalisation; EE, emotional exhaustion; PA, personal accomplishment.

  • * p<0.05