Table 4

Comparison of patient recall in telephone and face-to-face consultations

n% accuracy of recalln% accuracy of recall
WPCWPCp Value95% CI
Number of problems recalled501009092152830.30−6 to +18
Main problem?5068869064900.62−17 to +7
Diagnostic label1661281392015640.17−10 to +37
Advice?359316076747460.35−16 to +8
Prognosis? Y/N or N/A (if symptoms already subsided)451308787201790.33−7 to +19
Prognosis length?425075171818650.95−38 to +41
Safety-netting? Y/ N451808285320680.09−2 to +27
Plan of action?1421146423930610.71−27 to +31
  • Figures shown are percentages of patients scored as wrong (W), partially correct (P), correct (C) in their recall in relation to the audio report. Some frequencies are very low and comparisons should be treated with caution. The final column shows 95% confidence limits for the difference in percentage correct between telephone and face-to-face consultations.