Table 4

Feedback from residents

All curriculum relevant commentsNo who mentioned it
Overall evaluative, no specific suggestions—positive:
    Great or fun learning experience that will be helpful in practice setting7
    Working in groups makes it more interesting1
Overall evaluative, no specific suggestions—negative:
    Would benefit more from lecture series on outpatient medicine issues1
    Question value of some of the tasks2
Suggestions to improve:
    Related to structure/overall organisation and goals:
        Be nice to have more than a month3
        Too much time focused on presentations and too much oversight for presentation2
        Need to convey importance more at the outset (preliminary lecture identifying systematic and preventable error prevalence and cost)1
        Show presentations to next groups at their first session1
    Related to projects:
        Everyone should work on one project with teams working on different aspects1
        Keep cases the same so more change can be implemented1
        More case studies to chose from1
        Staff overall not active in the case1