Table 3

Exit evaluation of curriculum by residents (five blocks; N = 42)

ItemsMean (SD)*
Please rate your level of comfort with your current skills in the following aspects of practice-based learning and improvement†:
    Defining a clear problem statement (goal, aim)4.2 (0.6)
    Applying best medical evidence3.9 (0.8)
    Developing appropriate measures3.9 (0.7)
    Studying the process of care4.0 (0.6)
    Developing a data collection plan consistent with time and resource limitations3.9 (0.7)
    Using CQI data display tools—for example, run chart3.8 (0.8)
    Describing the roles of different professionals in healthcare improvement4.0 (0.8)
    Implementing a structured pilot study to test a change3.7 (0.8)
Please rate how well these sessions improved your ability to do the following‡:
    Understand the connection between medical knowledge & improvement knowledge that is required for practice-based improvement. Use flow charts to understand the process under study4.0 (0.6)
    Develop and focus an aim for an improvement project4.1 (0.5)
    Understand the model for improvement and the Plan–Do–Study–Act cycle3.8 (0.7)
    Describe why and how different disciplines must collaborate to achieve practice-based improvement4.0 (0.6)
    Demonstrate how data can be collected under time and resource limitations4.0 (0.6)
    Display and analyse data using CQI data display tools—for example, run chart3.9 (0.8)
    Use flow charts to understand the process under study (n = 41)4.2 (7)
    Identify areas to change within a process and recognise whether changes are successful4.0 (0.7)
  • *Mode and median were both 4 (“comfortable” or “well”).

  • †Response format: 1 = “very uncomfortable”; 2 = “uncomfortable”; 3 = “neutral”; 4 = “comfortable”; 5 = “very comfortable.”

  • ‡Response format: 1 = “very poorly”; 2 = “poorly”; 3 = “neutral”; 4 = “well”; 5 = “very well.”

  • CQI, continuous quality improvement.