Table 2

Launching and delivering the Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI) comprehensive curriculum

Need to Initiate Curriculum for ACGME Requirements→Programme Director, Manager or Faculty Member Need to Identify: Teaching Faculty
    Identify at least two teaching faculty willing to commit to all sessions and take ownership
        At least one needs to be familiar with quality improvement approaches and tools
    Identify faculty working in significant resident training
        Can also be a champion on projects
Building the Launching Pad: Teaching Faculty Need to Set the Ground Work (Programme Director may be of some help but most likely bulk of it rests with teaching faculty)
Organisational Buy-in
    Negotiate for curriculum time and physical space for teaching faculty
    Negotiate for teaching space
    Identify and negotiate for project presentation by resident team in forum that includes multiple stakeholders
        May need to be on trial basis at first
        Example: Internal Medicine Morbidity and Mortality Conference
Collaborating Faculty
    Identify and approach faculty in relevant clinical settings that work with residents
    Establish commitment of at least two or three collaborating faculty for resident CQI project development
    Outline/clarify collaborating faculty members’ roles:
        Role of Collaborating Faculty
            Available to answer students questions about focus of project, clinical setting and related stakeholders
            Review weekly project progress
Taking-Off: Teaching Faculty Tasks During Curriculum
Before Each Month-long Session Starts
    Reconnect with collaborating faculty about project continuation and new options
    Verify forum for resident team presentation (eg, Internal Medicine Morbidity & Mortality Conference)
    Review list of residents and identify their prior experience with PBLI curriculum and PGY status
        Decide on number of teams
        Spread resident prior experience over the teams
    Prepare summary of possible projects but be open to residents identifying others
        Anatomy of Promising Projects (see supplemental table 1 for examples)
            Problem is clearly identified and focused
            Clear link to processes directly related to residents’ delivery of patient care
            Aligns with organisational objectives in some way
            Able to obtain quantitative or qualitative assessment in a short time frame
During Each Month-long Session
    Teach curriculum (see table 1 for details)
    Clarify ground rules about team participation and expectations (eg, all must participate)
    Monitor team progress between and at each teaching session; ensure projects are process-focused
    Facilitate networking and data collection as needed
After Each Month-long Session Ends
    Review feedback from all stakeholders, including collaborating faculty and residents
    Improve process accordingly