Table 4 Summary of the causes of death found in studies of skiers and snowboarders
Farahmand et al (2007)19Vasaloppet, SwedenCross country skiing13000013
Morrow (1988)23Vermont, USASkiing16610000
Sherry and Clout (1988)24Snowy Mountains, AustraliaSkiing29431615
Tough and Butt* (1993)29Alberta, CanadaCross country skiing19121510
Tough and Butt* (1993)30Alberta, CanadaSkiing19126010
Weston et al (1977)20Utah, USASkiing10†23103
Wright (1988)28USANordic ski jumping624000
Xiang et al (2003)25Colorado, USASkiing and snow boarding174‡113118NK7
Xiang et al (2003)25Colorado, USACross country skiing100‡5284NK4
  • *Only deaths associated with traumatic injuries or hypothermia were included. †One death was attributed to suicide following a single gunshot wound to the head. ‡Xiang et al’s study was divided into deaths that occurred to either downhill skiing and snowboarding or cross country skiing. The remaining deaths in this study were attributed to either “general skiing accidents” or “other/unknown”.

  • NK, not known.