Table 3 A summary of those studies that have calculated mortality rate per 1 000 000 exposure days for specific mountain activities
AuthorsLocationEraActivityDeathsAge (years)% MaleMortality rate (/1 000 000 exposure days)
Avery et al (1990)8England and Wales1982–1988Mountaineering70952.3
Corra et al (2004)22South Tyrol, Italy2001–2002Skiing and snowboarding1.6
Farahmand et al (2007)19Vasaloppet, Sweden1970–2005Skiing13561000.11
McIntosh et al (2008)14Mt McKinley National Park, USA1990–2006Mountaineering963392100
Malcolm (2001)21Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand1981–1995Mountaineering3326941870
Morrow (1988)23Vermont, USA1979–1986Skiing1630810.67
Shlim and Gallie (1992)13Nepal1984–1987Trekking2311†
Sherry and Clout (1988)24Snowy Mountains, Australia1956–1987Skiing2935860.87
Weston et al (1977)20Utah, USA1969–1974Skiing1036802.86
Xiang et al (2003)25Colorado, USA1980–2001Skiing and snowboarding27432810.53–1.88*
  • *The range of annual mortality rates obtained per 1 000 000 skier visits to Colorado between 1980 and 2001. †Calculated by McIntosh et al.14