Table 2 National Coordination Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention index for categorising errors
CategoryDescriptionExample from this study
ACircumstances/events with capacity to cause errorMedication lost during hospital admission
BAn error occurred but did not reach the patientElastoplast allergy not coded
CAn error reached the patient but did not cause harmPPI started for no clinical reason
DAn error reached the patient and required monitoring or an intervention to confirm it resulted in no harmLarge dose of hypnotic inadvertently prescribed for older patient
ETemporary harm to the patient and required an interventionSide effects and abnormal LFTs after starting statin
FTemporary harm to the patient and required hospitalisation of any lengthHyperkalaemia secondary to starting ACE required hospitalisation
GPermanent patient harmReduced mobility after spinal surgery
HIntervention to sustain lifeNone found
IPatient deathNone found
  • LFT, liver function test; PPI, proton pump inhibitor.