Table 1

 Diagnostic criteria for monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), asymptomatic myeloma and symptomatic myeloma (based upon BCSH guidelines 2005)

MGUSAsymptomatic myelomaSymptomatic myeloma
*Diagnosis made in conjunction with other features.
Paraprotein<30 g/l>30 g/lVariable*
Bone marrow clonal plasma cells<10%>10%>10%
Bence Jones proteinPossiblePossible50% of cases
Immune paresisPossibleProbableProbable
Lytic LesionsAbsentAbsentPresent
AnaemiaAbsentAbsent66% of cases
Renal dysfunctionAbsentAbsent30% of cases
HypercalcaemiaAbsentAbsent30% of cases