Table 6

 Six-month hospital re-admissions in patients with and without acute coronary syndrome with raised troponin T levels

No ACS, n = 19ACS, n = 35
*p = 0.021.
ACS, acute coronary syndrome; neg TnT, without raised troponin T; pos TnT, with raised troponin T; TnT, troponin T.
Cardiac re-admissions
    ACS neg TnT14
    ACS pos TnT215
    Congestive cardiac failure68
    Supraventricular tachycardia11
    Bradycardia or hypotension12
    All-cause mortality1 (9%)10 (29%)
Non-cardiac re-admissions85
    All-cause mortality0 (0%)2 (40%)
Total all-cause mortality(cardiac and non-cardiac)1 (5%)12 (34%)*