Table 3

 Baseline characteristics and medical history of patients with or without acute coronary syndrome and with raised troponin T levels

No ACS, n = 118ACS, n = 195p Value
Numbers in parentheses are percentages unless otherwise mentioned.
ACS, acute coronary syndrome; CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; PCI, pulmonary cutaneous intervention; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.
Age in years, mean (SD)75 (12)73 (13)NS
Female69 (59)82 (42)0.005
Angina27 (23)49 (25)NS
Myocardial infarction29 (25)66 (34)NS
PCI or CABG5 (4)11 (6)NS
Congestive cardiac failure29 (25)19 (10)<0.001
Hypertension54 (46)102 (52)NS
Diabetes mellitus28 (24)36 (19)NS
Current smoker26 (22)50 (26)NS
Asthma or COPD25 (21)43 (22)NS
Peripheral vascular disease5 (4)14 (7)NS
Chronic renal impairment10 (8)8 (4)NS
Stroke or TIA25 (21)37 (19)NS
Charlson’s Comorbidity Score
50th centile (25th, 75th centiles)2 (1, 3)1 (1, 3)0.006